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Welcome to “Bunon Wa Funon”, a company specializing in the field of construction and contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud of our long history and outstanding success in the Saudi construction market, where we provided high-quality services and played a leading role in achieving successful projects.

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Company Vision

At Bunon Wa Funon Company, we carry a future vision that goes beyond the boundaries of construction and manifests itself in transforming ideas into tangible reality. We strive to achieve excellence and innovation in every project we undertake, as we see ourselves at the forefront of leadership in the world of infrastructure and exceptional projects.

Company Message

We consider every project an opportunity to carve an exceptional mark in the architectural and construction history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We seek to be true partners in the vision of the future, where today’s challenges are transformed into golden achievements bearing the signature of Bunon Wa Funon.

Company Values


We consider innovation to be the core of our success, as we always strive to provide unique and innovative solutions that meet the aspirations of our customers.


We are committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence in every detail of our work, ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction among our customers.


We believe in the importance of building relationships based on trust and transparency with our customers and partners, where we work as one team to achieve common success.


We are committed to implementing our projects with the highest standards of environmental and economic sustainability, contributing to building a sustainable and prosperous future.

Our challenges:

We aspire to always be on top of challenges. We continue to implement projects that define new levels of quality and innovation, to leave a mark that speaks of the strength and distinction of Noon and Arts at all times and places.

Benoun and Arts - where a dream turns into reality, and a project turns into a masterpiece.

Certificates and Classification

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About Us

Our History

  • 2013 - Opening
  • 2021 - Contractors Classification Certificate - First Class
  • 2023 - ISO 9001ISO 9001:2015

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