The Digital Government Authority (DGA) project was implemented.

With joy and pride, the Bunon Wa Funon Company team announces its success in implementing the Digital Government Authority (DGA) project with complete success. This achievement is a milestone in our journey that has spanned many years, as we have comprehensively achieved the goals and aspirations of the Digital Government Authority.

The implementation process was carried out with high professionalism and the use of the latest technologies and industrial practices, which contributed to achieving maximum efficiency and quality. We are proud of the effective partnership with the Digital Government Authority in achieving its vision.
We extend our sincere thanks to all the team members who contributed their great efforts to this project, and we appreciate their commitment and diligence in achieving this success. We also express our gratitude to the Digital Government Authority for the trust it has given us.

This achievement reflects our continued commitment to providing the best solutions and services in the field of contracting and implementing large and vital projects. We look forward to more successful cooperation in the future and in the service of progress and development.

Bunon Wa Funon Company team

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